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Why Healing Your Inner Child Is Important

One of the methods being used in psychedelic-assisted therapy now is actually an old idea just made more accessible with controlled hub-network disintegration experiences (psychedelics). Several studies have shown much greater connectivity with memory centers of the brain on psychedelics, which is normally tightly limited by certain hub networks like the default mode network. Naturally, we can't be expected to relive traumatic memories while we are pumping gas, but when u have a hyperactive default mode like most of us in the modern world, that natural mechanism can turn maladaptive.

It's why it's becoming increasingly clear to me that in many ways, psychedelics are an antidote to the modern condition. Humans accomplished a lot in the last few centuries, but at a great cost. Now we gotta back track bit to find our natural-given abilities to modify our consciousness.

Back to the meme: childhood trauma is an off-the-charts pandemic in terms of its harm to life and society. Kids are expected to abandon their innocence too quickly and as a result have their psycho-spiritual-emotional growth stunted. An unprepared human is likely to cope with trauma in ways that later become problematic later in life. Maybe it's self-sabotage, self-isolation, psychosis, rage, or whatever worked to quell the pain at the time, but now gets triggered from peripheral or projected circumstances. Psychedelic-assisted therapy offers us the ability to change that


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