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Psychedelic Bliss Escapes the Ego

Hate to do this to ya lil otter! But this is a real problem! I've definitely fallen into bliss addiction myself with both psychedelics and meditation. I've seen entire cults built around this addiction. It's very hard to argue against it since it is such an expansive, meaningful state.

Caveat: I realize for some folks psychedelics and similarly ego-dissolved states are NOT blissful or spiritual experiences and that's perfectly great! Your experience doesn't make u better or worse than anyone!!! Keep doing ur thing!

This meme is for those that sometimes DO have ultra blissful experiences: Beware! The bliss can lead u astray! It's such a tough argument cause those uncanny, epic, moments of all-knowing are truly amazing, BUT it isn't all that matters. PHYSICAL REALITY is still where the magic happens. It's where we put all that infinite wisdom to the test. It's where we can enjoy the challenge of manifesting your desires. Once u leave ur body, manifestation is no longer a factor, theres no point, so make the best of it while u got it!

Believe me I know how pure and divine the ego-less state is. And psychedelics are just one of many ways to get there. Hardship and difficulty in life is part of what makes it worthwhile. Psychedelics, after a certain point, can absolutely circumvent that and what u are left with is a sense of entitled superiority that has nothing to do with how u actually live your life. This is one way those sociopathic shamans and gurus control people so effectively. Because if u are in a pure state of bliss, u can do no wrong! 🤥💩 So not true, bliss is easy. Integrity and harmony is the real prize. Keep integrating, psychonauts!


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