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Christopher Gunlock, M.H.S.

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Basic Summary

15 years of multi-faceted integration and hundreds of psychedelic journeys

Active leadership, integration support, educational seminars, and event hosting at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota


Studied under mentors and physicians at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr. Andrew Heyman, Dr. Pamela Smith,

Dr. Russell Jaffe, Dr. Mark Hyman,

Dr. James LaValle, Dr. David Perlmutter

Extensive training and practice in Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhis Program from Maharishi International University

My History With Psychedelics

I started out as an active dream/lucid dream enthusiast as a teenager which was followed by passionate experimentation with psychedelics. From the beginning I recognized they could be used beneficially and so I set out to understand how that worked. Psilocybe mushrooms and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) were the most interesting to me, but I also explored Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), Salvia Divinorum, MDMA, Ketamine, Cannabis, and a handful of nature's other more peripheral psychedelics.


Even since childhood, my life has been intimately involved with altered states of consciousness, and some not involving psychedelics. Since I began daily practice in 2007 at the Maharishi International University , meditation has become as necessary as eating and sleeping in my life. I have also explored various mechanics of meditation and trance mainly for healing purposes. However, novel insight and cognitive adaptation are also notable resources that are found in abundance when you learn to meditate.

Different states of consciousness have different uses, but I have found psychedelics to be powerful tools for maintaining harmony with the external world. They certainly have the power to disrupt that, but that power also provides the ability to adapt to evolving needs on modern times. Chronic stress, addiction, anxiety, fear, and general existential meaninglessness are common maladies of our current cultures. Psychedelics and Open Mind consciousness are a powerful antidote to that.

It's been over 15 years of asking questions and finding answers. I approach integration coaching with a combination of academia and underground wisdom, facts and experience. 

Pillars of Open Mind Integration

It's been my privilege to study under both master meditators and master physicians in the theories of integrative medicine, lifestyle nutrition, and meditation mechanics. I also offer educational resources for psychedelic integration, which studies not just psychedelic substances, but also meditation, dreams, self-hypnosis, and any other non-ordinary state of consciousness we are able to integrate. Here are the main pillars of Open Mind Integration (read more in "My Methods"):

  • Nutritional Adaptation embraces the innate healing power of foods with simple ingredients and reverses the deleterious effects of overly-processed ingredients that are woven into nearly every kind of food. This means that learning the reality of our food supply can be a powerful healing mechanism in itself. We combine this knowledge with the unique behavioral circumstances of the client to get a clear picture of causal influences in the diet. A large portion of the average person's symptoms can be improved by small habitual changes. This can be done through simple techniques and general guidelines for shopping or eating out. Rapidly switching to strict diets causes problems and social isolation that you should avoid unless you are severely sick. Therefore, taking small steps from where you are already at is always optimal.

  • Metabolic Training maps the latest biochemical discoveries in the human body to your complex flows of hormones, enzymes, lipids, proteins, and many other bodily substances. Learn how these complex micro-level processes are directly tied to your personal habits. Metabolism occurs in stages, including food/air/water intake, toxin metabolism, tissue repair, immune adaptation, and excretion. A web of interconnections between these stages reveal even more of the human body's systems. Actions at the chemical level are then expressed in the form of symptoms and lab-work where the practitioners can guide clients towards greater vitality.

  • Meditation Mechanics explores some of the many layers of consciousness beyond our standard waking state for the purpose of balancing the sicknesses of modern neurological dysfunctions. Our minds crave periodic release from the sane physical world to a free non-physical world and Meditation is a practical and fundamental method to achieving this on a daily basis. Without this critical aspect of healing, we are vulnerable to stressful expectations of the material world. The standard way of feeling uncontrollably tired, anxious, wired, scattered, and worried isn't necessary. There is a way to counteract that. I teach only the primary mechanics of thought while in meditation: external attention and executive control. This give everyone the basic tools to practice any style of relaxed meditation, rather than try to apply one technique to everyone.  

  • Psychedelic Integration is my contribution to the rapidly expanding acceptance of psychedelic substances and related states of consciousness. I have been an avid researcher and explorer of psychedelics for 15 years, which has culminated in leadership duties with the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota. Through the support of the resources there and my own practice, I'm profoundly excited to help dispel the misinformation and bring clarity to the mystery. There's a wealth of both scientific and philosophical wisdom to convey to the public. The current legality surrounding psychedelic substances restricts their use, but not their wisdom. Developing the parts of your brain that psychedelics access is a built-in feature we all have. Besides, many will agree that it is the plants that find you, not the other way around.