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Open Mind Integration

Christopher Gunlock, M.H.S.


For the past 20 years, the world of expanded states of consciousness have been a core part of my life. I've been consistently exploring and integrating psychedelics such as ayahuasca, psilocybin, LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and ketamine. I now specialize in providing preparation education, journey planning, sitter matching, risk assessment, and post-integration. I also manage the member intake, health assessment, and ceremonial music for Luna Wolf Sanctuary, Minnesota's first legal plant medicine church.


Since 2018, I've been working in the psychedelic community as a spokesperson, educator, event organizer and coach, where I learned from many colleagues in medicine, shamanism, psychotherapy, and research. I served for 2 years as Executive Director at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota, where I acted as public representative, lead event organizer, media director, and hosted hundreds of hours of integration circles. I also helped lead the Global Psychedelic Society Group during that time. Since then, I've studied under traditional plant medicine carriers from various South American traditions, partaking in their rituals and ceremonies. I’ve also completed 1 year of training and volunteering for the Fireside Psychedelic Peer-Support Line.


My prior professional background was primarily in education. I was a freelance math tutor for 7 years and amateur audio engineer/producer. In 2018 I completed a Masters in Health Science in Integrative Medicine from The George Washington University School of Medicine with coursework in functional medicine, nutrition, metabolomics, mind/body medicine and endocrinology. At Maharishi International University I received my B.S. in Mathematics where I trained in Vedic philosophy, traditional medicine and advanced transcendental meditation. My platform Open Mind Integration offers an in-depth psychedelic harm reduction course and coaching.

Open Mind Integration is the process by which we create harmony between the expanded awareness states and the material aspects of our lives such as health, work, relationships and environment. These major transition points in life are opportunities to adjust the rigid egoic structures that prevent us from adapting to new circumstances. This brings harmony to destructive cycles, bad habits, automatic thinking, or a general sense of purposelessness. I also support those going through spiritual emergence/emergencies, which is often brought on by psychedelics. I do private coaching, teach classes, organize legal plant medicine ceremonies, and offer free discussion groups.

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Previous Appearances/Press
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"Hear from Christopher Gunlock, a psychedelic preparation and integration specialist and executive director of the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota about the benefits of psychedelics and the work they’re doing at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota to help people mitigate harm and explore what’s possible with psychedelics."

"Maybe my body broke down because I emotionally cut myself off as a kid, and perpetuated that into adulthood. I spent a lot of time in isolation, pushing the world away. I saw that if I ever wanted to get out of this cycle, I would have to open that connection back up.”


"Pre-integration is looking at key aspects of material life: Their work, their relationships, home life, physical health, the main elements of the everyday experience. Habits, beliefs, rituals, perceptions are all tied into these really critical elements of your life. That’s also where you find the resistance to what psychedelics do..."

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"Inter-Generational Integration"

Christopher, Alli, Madison, and Bruce are 2 pairs of parent and child that have integrated psychedelics into the family. Each has their story of how that came to be, how it added to their overall integration and wellbeing, and what their advice for other families are.

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"Psychedelic Societies & the Imperative of Education and Community Beyond Medicalization"

While research has helped progress the psychedelic renaissance to where we are today, the psychedelic process calls for support structures not provided in the mainstream medical model. Education, integration and community support are integral components to psychedelic healing. Join us for a conversation exploring the increasingly important role of Psychedelic Societies based locally and globally in cities around the world to serve these needs and facilitate community healing.

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Executive Director and Co-founder of the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota 2020-2022

Christopher served for 2 years as Executive Director where he acted as public representative, lead event organizer, media director, member liaison, and hosted hundreds of hours of integration circles/events. Christopher also co-hosted the Global Psychedelic Society Group during that time.

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Co-founder of Decriminalize Nature Minnesota 2020-2021

Decriminalize Nature Minnesota worked to promote the wellness of individuals through the
decriminalization of entheogenic plants and fungi. Removing criminal penalties for these healing
substances will help improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of our community.

Our grassroots community organization was focused on the responsible use of entheogenic plants and fungi.

We met with Minneapolis residents and city officials about the healing potential of entheogens
through educational campaigns and political engagement for the purpose of encouraging a sensible,
evidence-based drug policy.

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