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The Ego Likes to Win, Even When it Shouldn't

Oh how the ego likes to win! It will go to great lengths to avoid change. It will justify actions anyway it needs to maintain. If we took a little time away from the ego now and then, it wouldn't get so out of hand.

To me, this is America right now. Say one thing, do another. Blame someone else for what you're also guilty of. Become the monster you fight against.

It's in all of us. We have all had those low moments when our integrity was challenged. When it's so frightening we would sacrifice even our own morality in the name of being on top.

But what good is winning when you turn into the same thing you sought to destroy?

I understand there is a time to fight. When your survival is literally at stake, it's imperative. Eventually, tho, we will all need to heal. And healing is possible. I've seen monsters turn into angels. You won't be forgotten, you won't be left behind. Just remember to keep something sacred amongst all the chaos of war. If we sacrifice too much, none of the fighting will be worth it. In the end, we still have to live amongst each other. We will have to find a way to coexist.

But anyway... how good is this show tho?!?! Marvel is rocking my world with this stuff, so poignant, so relevant. #falconwintersoldier


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