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Join me for twelve 40 to 90-minute classes (in any order) consisting of a comprehensive and nuanced curriculum. It's an interactive, meme-fueled, info-graphic presentation with highly detailed commentary from a deep background in psychedelics such as LSD, DMT, 5MeODMT, ayahuasca and Psilocybin. It's designed for those curious about psychedelics or those taking psychedelics to make it less harmful and more beneficial (I don't facilitate illegal activity and I don't treat or diagnose disease).

This course is the result of my 20 years using psychedelics, 12 years teaching experience, and 5 years of integration coaching and building community around psychedelics with my colleagues in traditional medicine, science, drug policy, and psychology. I've poured countless hours of work into making this material detailed, yet approachable for the average person. There's lots to look at and digest for everyone though, and I challenge even the experts to critique my ideas presented here. Learn more about me here.

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