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Preparation and Integration Coaching
In-Person and Virtual Sessions Available

Join me in a private office at Creators Space or use video chat/telephone

  • Have you had a psychedelic drug experience that was very positive, but would like further benefit from it?

  • Are you thinking about having a psychedelic experience but would like more information before trying it?

  • Do you suffer from an illness that you believe psychedelics could help with?

  • Did you experience something you don't understand and would like to make it more meaningful?

  • Was there a frightening aspect of your experience you would like to make peace with?

  • Did you take psychedelics under poorly planned set and/or setting that resulted in a traumatic outcome?

Preparation: I can sit down with you and help personalize the highly intentional process of a psychedelic experience for personal growth or healing. 
  • Risks, contraindications, preventative measures, and general safety
  • Desires, goals, expectations, fears, sensitivities... all aspects of your mind-set
  • When, where, how, and who with are critical to your setting
  • Dosage, substances, and methods of induction can radically change what happens
  • Self-care consulting for physical and mental readiness
Integration: The real journey begins AFTER a psychedelic experience, so we will make sure you have the right support system when you come back.
  • Integrating into conventional social life and modern culture
  • Maintaining new thought patterns, beliefs, and habits
  • Make your expanded awareness meaningful, rather than existential
  • Find communities and people that you can talk to
  • Enhance physical wellbeing with lifestyle nutrition, meditation mechanics, and metabolic training
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Coaching Packages

Single Session - $40-$80/hr with sliding-scale discounts

Triple Session - $37.50-$75/hr with sliding-scale discounts

10 Sessions - $35-$70/hr with sliding-scale discounts

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