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Fill out this form for a free 30-minute consultation call to learn more about my services. Here are a few examples of issues I commonly see people about:

  • "I'm thinking about having a psychedelic experience but would like more preparation before trying it."

  • "I've had psychedelic experiences that were very positive, but I'm looking for the sustained benefits."

  • "I experienced something I don't understand and would like to make it more meaningful."

  • "There was a troubling aspect of my experience I would like to make peace with."

  • "I have a health issue that I believe psychedelics could help with."


I like to initiate these services by video chat or in-person only due to the sensitive nature of the conversations and the need for confidentiality. I have local offices for private sessions.

All fields are optional except for "Email" so that I can get back to you, but please provide as much information as you are comfortable with. 

ALL of your answers here and in any coaching session is

100% CONFIDENTIAL. I will never share anything with a licensing board, insurance company, law enforcement, or any person without your consent.

I will never share any of your data without request and will only use your email to send event details and occasional newsletters (all of which you can opt out of). I do not support profiting off personal data or long contracts that no one reads.

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