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The Doctor Inside Us

Part of healing is learning to listen again. As adults we get distracted, we forget how to follow the messages our body and soul send us. It can get buried beneath layers of doubt, fear, trauma, insecurity, desire.... Then we end up offloading that responsibility to someone else that may just give us pills to make the voices go away... but the problem doesn't go away.

At first it's confusing, when we are mucked up the voices are hard to tell where they are even coming from. It's like when u get in the habit of binging on junk food, ur body feels like crap but u still want to eat more. It does take some purification to filter out the toxic voices, but there's always part of u reaching out to make contact.

Find that voice, the one that keeps coming around with a message that u may not like to hear, but deep down u know it's right.

For a long time, I had a voice that said to stop pushing people and love away. That I had to learn to be vulnerable and transparent to experience authentic connection. It was scary for me because I've had a lot of childhood memories of feeling taken advantage of and misunderstood, but as an adult I could make wiser decisions about who to open up to. And that voice was right. Life really began for me when I embraced community and authenticity.

Don't give up otters! The world and especially Minneapolis is chaotic and scary right now, but when we connect with our inner wisdom and connect with each other, we are powerful.



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