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Unconscious Projecting Shadow Work

Shadow work has really been showing itself for me lately. Every time I complain about something that angers me, how much of that complaint is just some repressed and neglected aspect of my personality? Am I angry because something is innately evil? Or am I too ashamed to admit that something is a part of me too, so instead I project that onto others to pretend I don't have to deal with it? Aside from the unconscious hypocrisy of making lists of things I don't like, how often am I really changing someone's mind as they randomly scroll past it? Particularly if it carries a self-righteous charge that acts as a purity test for the masses, will those that disagree with me really sit back and reevaluate their whole identity because I photoshopped some words onto an eye-catching photo? Sometimes I think these kinds o posts are only serving to further push away those that disagree with me and high-five those that already agree with me, further polarizing our already polarized society. Well maybe my time can be better spent fixing my own dysfunctions before I go around trying to fix everyone else's. Oh wait.... have I already projected my own shadow onto this post about avoiding shadow projections??? 😢 ah jeez, shadow work is hard


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