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Gotta Be Weird To Grow

This beautiful skateboarding bulldog (real thing look it up) symbolizes something I strive for in my integration practice. Despite being unconventional, unexpected, and seemingly impossible, Skateboarding Bulldog is giving it their all and having a blast.

At first I didn't understand why I'm so drawn to impressive weirdos, but now I know it's because healthy integration requires trail blazing authenticity.

My resistance to that is the tendency to upset some people when you do that. I see now it's a natural inevitability and that it's even a net positive in the long run to have conflict with others, but my years of people pleasing have deeply ingrained neural pathways that present one of my biggest integration challenges.

Authenticity is important for self-actualization, a vital part of our human needs. Without a connection to core values, we can only latch on to what our immediate defense mechanisms are or what we see other people doing. This is like the state of being chronically triggered, lots of that going around right now. For good reason tho, I think our species is going through a collective ego-challenging moment, and with that comes conflict! Ah wow, more integration, great! 😂

In practical terms, this means I can't just be authentic when I'm by myself, rather, I need to do it in situations that could create conflict. Although, I'm still on the fence about doing that on social media as opposed to in person... Is it even possible to be totally authentic on social media?? Seems like a lot gets lost in translation here...


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