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A Pitfall of Relying Too Heavily on Psychedelics

Guilty as charged, balancing a hyperactive ego doesnt require psychedelics. Theres lots of legal, sustainable and low risk methods to staying healthy. External dependence isn't a bad thing, but it sure can turn into a crutch, especially when your identity and professional image relies heavily on making this stuff look useful 😬.

I'm on this journey too, preaching the word doesn't exempt me from the challenges of hiding my insecurities. In fact, a reckless psychonaut can inflate all the wrong parts of the psyche, validate even the most vile harms.

Any tool sufficiently powerful can be used for destruction just as easily for creation. And psychedelics are POWERFUL.

I lived most of my 20s in an existential haze. After seeing the beauty of god and its infinite wonders, I returned to the "real" world defeated and lost. The truth was clear, but the path towards manifesting it was clouded in a haze of selective integration. I saw more than I was capable of actually doing anything about.

Inevitably, I had to deal with the body's fragile needs. I still had to nourish healthy relationships, get a job, put a roof over my head, and navigate a society of a

seductive distractions. This really gets in the way on a quest to understand the universe! ...but I don't really think that's what we're here to do.

Taking a lot of psychedelics is easy. Developing your identity in a sustainable, healthy way is not. Just tripping all the time is time not spent on ego-development, which is a requirement to keep living in a human body.

If I could do it over again, I would have gone to the jungle and found a wise old psychedelic sage to answer all my questions. Alas, hundreds of self-experimentation journeys later and I'm still realizing how much of my ego is still in flux.


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