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Breaking News: Indigenous People Already Knew

This is what 90% of the psychedelic science headlines look like to me now. Are we just validating a millenia worth of knowledge accumulated over countless visionary journeys and passed down through generations of the most sacred traditions?

Well, I'd be foolish to think thats what ALL the research will be since some of it is also taking these medicines and modernizing them to suit conditions of the average person. Nasal sprays, lozenges, low-hallucination versions... There's all kinds of psychedelic conveniences coming down the pipeline. And I don't think that's a bad thing, sometimes u gotta bring the magical intensity down to a level more suitable for the modern lifestyle.

Sorry for the sass today, but the more I learn about the traditions where these medicines are treated with the highest respect, the more I see the flaws in the very methods of validation we use to determine what's good and true in our society. I'm not shaming anyone, I'm just as much a part of this modern experiment as you, I'm just trying to keep it in a bigger perspective. The world was around long before the industrial-techno-internet age took over. Human consciousness was being explored and understood for 1000s of years and we have A LOT to learn from that.

The ancient teachers, the myths, the magic.... It's real. And if you're waiting for a scientist to tell you that, it might be a while...


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