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The Ride with Psychedelics Sometimes Gets Rough and That's a Good Thing

Not every journey is beautiful, but often it's necessary. Sometimes I have to go to a dark place to find the light. I'm learning to love both and trust there's a rhythm to follow. I'm also learning the importance of being true to that ride. Authenticity is so profoundly crucial to integration, but on the other side is the demands of society, culture and community. A balancing act that's changing rapidly every day. Above all, I want to help folks understand the tools our planet makes available for us to unleash full potential. No matter the challenges our species faces, a fully realized human being is an indomitable force. The answers are within, you can illuminate the mysterious void of uncertainty. .

I'm working on a bunch of content about psychedelic preparation and integration. There will be workshops and consumable media. Stay tuned for updates 😉😉😉. It seems like the number of people trying psychedelics is still increasing. It's the 60s all over in more ways than one 😅😬. Integration is only going to get more important, I'd love to share what I've learned and bring you into the conversation! Mailing list sign up on my website linked in the bio. #psychedelic #psychedelicintegration#psychedelicmeme#psychedelicmemes#spiritualmemes#magicmushrooms


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