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The Challenging Psychedelic Journeys

The plants sure seem to have a personality, luring u in the first time with spectacle and visions, convincing the naive it's pure love and light... Well I'd love to tell you how many times I've heard someone start their second journey with this perspective, only to be smacked hard with the reality that Nature is the whole spectrum, not just the nice stuff (a lot of times lol). But balance is healthy, and the truth is in perfect balance. We are creatures of both beautiful creation and vile destruction. It confuses me too, but the deeper I've dug into these realities, the more contrast between light and dark there is. I really encourage yall to go have a bad trip sometime (different from a traumatic trip), a trip that moves you out of stagnant comfort zones, into the unknown where your true potential awaits. It might mean uprooting your life, starting over, being a rookie again, but what if you never take that chance and miss out on a version of you that defies all your expectations of personal greatness? What if you're just one opportunity away from finding your ultimate inspiration, the thing you would gladly die for? What if we all had that passion for life that made everyday a precious opportunity to discover more of yourself? I'm really blessed to see these changes in my community so often. If you have any doubts it's possible, please come and see for yourself! #psychedelicintegration#psychedelicmeme#psychedelicmemes#magicmushrooms


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