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Learning to Let Go and Trust the Psychedelic Experience

At some point in all our lives we must confront the unknowable uncertainty beyond what we call "life." Maybe its death, but maybe just anything that sufficiently boggles our concept of reality! And the fear of what's beyond our conventional assumptions can drive us into a prison of our own making. I feel a bit silly even posting this because before I experienced the soft bed of roses that caught me within my 5-MeO-DMT experience or the fascinating depths of a 2-week meditation retreat or my lucid dream practice death... I didn't know it was there... What an epic trick God played on us! We wake up in this chaotic mess of a human body only to completely forget where we came from, spending decades suffering from our fear of remembering that this whole thing we make such a big deal out of is just a game the universe plays so it can experience itself through the naivety of linear time and 3D space.... 😜 Don't believe me? Great! You're perfectly normal! Just keep following that natural human curiosity and I guarantee you will find out for yourself. And let me know if you want any help! There's many paths, I would love to offer some tour maps and tour guides. Solo trips, group trips, meditation, dreams.... Your flight is ready.... #psychedelicmemes#psychedelicintegration#psychedelicsociety#psychedelicart#psychedelicrevolution#magicmushrooms


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