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Grounding Your Psychedelic Journey into a Sustainable Reality

This is me about to eat the ripest carrot of my life while possibly in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. It was one of the most grounding experiences of my life. This carrot was nearly bursting out of the lush soil that birthed it in a home garden nurtured with motherly care. It was the product of so much hard work and love, put in to a beautiful symbiosis with the land they settled on. I can't emphasize enough how important grounding is. This trip was formative in my appreciation of plugging in to a sustainable reality while you're expanding your consciousness. And there's nothing more sustainable than the fruits of nature. Without it, I would have sailed away on the winds of my overblown ego. Psychedelics Amplify. If you Amplify crap, you get more crap. If you Amplify life-giving, harmonious intelligence... well... go see and find out! It's hard to fully explain what is really possible with an intentional set+setting. It's the ultimate interaction between consciousness and matter. You're in a state of uncanny perception in a world of infinite complexity. There truly is so much more out there just beyond the veil of our perception. And it's right in front of us, everywhere, all the time. No joke tho, it is truly a profound challenge to achieve this idealistic purity of natural wisdom while you're living in a chaotic, concrete rat race. I'm being much more selective about my psychedelic use than I used to. I see now what a sponge psychedelics make us and I don't really want to soak up most of what surrounds me. And that's just taking into account the parts of my surroundings I can perceive! 🤯👻👽😈🙉 Protect yourself!


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