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Each Mushroom has a Very Different Amount of Psilocybin

Back with the infographic action šŸ˜šŸ¦¦. The question of what dose to take is obviously a big one, and probably even more common with mushrooms and other organic psychedelics. Psilocybe species are abundant and that's not even mentioning all the Copelandia mushrooms that have a bunch of psilocybin in em too! But ok, let's be real, most shrooms a person sees are cubesnsis. I really wish I had a similar chart just with golden teacher, B+, Cambodian, penis envy, Mazatapec... I'm absolutely sure it would also have huge ranges in psilocybin content. All this can even be completely underscored by how well they were cultivated, harvested, dried, and stored. Treat your mushrooms like your buddies and they will treat you back šŸ™. The individuals own resistance to the effects is ANOTHER layer in how strong the experience is. I do plan on saying much more about what I call "Psychedelic Resistance" in the future, but in brief, it's the stubbornness, cognitive rigidity, and all the interesting ways the mind can push back against psychedelics. In my humble opinion, I don't see a good reason to rate your trip based on how many grams it was. Maybe it was helpful during the conversation you had with the dude at a festival, but in the world of therapeutic journeys, there are no easy and fast ways about it. YOUR DOSE IS YOUR DOSE. Just take the amount you need for the type of experience you want. If you don't know what that is, find some help or just start really small and see how it feels. Mushrooms are very nontoxic and within an intentional container, safe and beneficial. šŸ˜šŸ¦¦šŸ„


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