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DMT and Serotonin Have More in Common than You Think

NORMALIZE DMT!!! This lil molecule is definitely one of the most under-appreciated and over-stigmatized and wrongly-criminalized thingies in modern history 😆. Seriously tho, DMT needs you! We got to stop criminalizing and demonizing our own brains! We need to embrace the full potential of these quantum supercomputers we have in our heads! And these endogenous neurotransmitters are a literal biological key to unlocking enormous potential. BTW, if you like psilocybin then you like DMT, they're structurally and functionally similar, they are both key components of ancient and sacred medicines, and they both help to balance our wacked out egos. So do your friend a solid and tell Uncle Steve he's got his head in the sand (with love) and that DMT may be illegal is 50 states and most of the modern world, but not for ANY good reason. Humans have been consuming it for millenia, it's made in our brains, it's growing in your backyard, and it provides some of the most profoundly real visionary experiences possible. DMT = N,N Dimethyltriptamine #dmtspiritmolecule#psychedelicintegration#psychedelicmeme#psychedelicmemes#spiritualmemes


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