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Sleeping Baby
Sleep Check

Sleep is a good place to start because it's an absolute necessity for nearly all other physiological systems. Dreams are also a concern, but one can often identify major problem areas from one's sleep habits alone. 

Explore hormone-reactive behavior and the environmental hazards of your bedroom for some quality shut-eye.

Eating Out
Digestion Check

Losing digestive health leaves a person without a sense of security. Feeling nourished and satiated are core to our survival and without that many other health areas suffer as well. 


Explore the truth about what you eat, when you eat it, and how you digest it for some added certainty in your daily feedings. 

London Taxi
Toxin Check

Our planet has been radically transformed by the human race, in some ways alien and toxic. Hope isn't lost, though. Adaptation is the key, but first you need identification. 


Explore the often invisible toxins in the air, on your skin, in the light, and in your pills for a complete external view on healing. 

Lotus Pose
Meditation Check

Successful meditation is the ultimate paradox. It is the art of not trying, of letting go, and sinking into the 4th state of consciousness. 


Explore your technique and abstract subjective experiences for deeper meditations. 

Stressed Woman
Stress Check

Maladaptive stress states can build slowly over time or can be triggered by traumatic events, but will always lead to the catabolic breakdown of vital systems.


See how your mind, behavior, relationships, digestion, immune system, and overall metabolic stability is at stake!

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