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Digestion Check

If you aren't on a member plan, this Health Check will consume 1 Token. If you are out of Tokens your submission will be saved. Once you purchase at least 1 Token, a report will then be sent in 1-2 business days.

Answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Feel free to ponder them, but it is usually best to just think about what is most relevant in your current state of health, unless a question specifically asks about the past.

Tip: Members can update their health profile with general health information that can make club services more personalized!


All fields and questions are optional except for Email so I can respond to you!

Meal Times

Provide the approximate times of your major meal and the number of snacks throughout your most average day, leave any unnecessary fields blank.


e.g. 3:30pm

# of non-fruit or vegetable snacks per day

(granola bars, protein shakes, candy, pastries, chips, crackers, or any processed food):

Food Sources
Your Primary Food Source:
Your Secondary Food Source:
Relationship with Eating and Perception of Food
Select the 2 most common reasons you eat food:
Gut Status
Taking regular doses of any pharmaceuticals:
Physical Irritations (Only if persistent and troublesome):
Lower Gut
Body Composition
Select all the body characteristics that apply to you:

Open Mind Integration Health Checks do not serve as replacements for advice from dieticians, nutritionists, or medical doctors. I will not be prescribing diets, or nutrition plans. I will not be consulting people to alter their medications, take new medications, or otherwise go against their doctor's recommendations. I educate you in how lifestyle circumstances are connected to your symptoms so that you can make better informed and more sustainable decisions about your health.

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