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Meditation Check

If you aren't on a member plan, this Health Check will consume 1 Token. If you are out of Tokens your submission will be saved. Once you purchase at least 1 Token, a report will then be sent in 1-2 business days.

Answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Feel free to ponder them, but it is usually best to go with what has been affecting you most chronically in your recent health history.

Tip: Members can update their club profile with general health information that can make club services more personalized!


All fields and questions are optional except for Email so I can respond to you!

Styles of Meditation
What styles are you most proficient and practiced in? (check all that apply)
Time Intervals
Meditation Environment
Do you get adequate privacy during your meditations?
How often are your thoughts during meditation about things in your immediate environment?
Does your meditation posture or where you are sitting cause any extra thoughts?
Thought Mechanics
Which of these statements can you relate to on an experiential level? (check all that apply)
Motivational Incentives
Do you look forward to meditating?
Sensory Experiences
Can you relate to any of these sensory experiences? (check all that apply)

Open Mind Integration Health Checks do not serve as replacements for advice from dieticians, nutritionists, or medical doctors. I will not be prescribing diets, or nutrition plans. I will not be consulting people to alter their medications, take new medications, or otherwise go against their doctor's recommendations. I educate you in how lifestyle circumstances are connected to your symptoms so that you can make better informed and more sustainable decisions about your health.

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