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Part 1: The Essentials

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  • The Study at Creators Space

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Part 1 isn't just "basic knowledge." It's what I view to be literally essential to safely navigate the world of psychedelics. Knowing the different levels of legality, traditional vs clinical pathways, safety, and substance-specific variables can mean the difference between your life getting worse or better after a psychedelic journey. This isn’t covered in other classes, so don't miss it! This class also sets the tone for my harm reduction, benefit maximization philosophy that this course is based on. Everything I discuss with you will be within this scope. -Part 1: The Essentials Your Prior Knowledge -Respect What You Don't Know -Full Scope of Knowledge Supply Safety -Most Dangerous Drug Combos -Impurities, Adulterants, and Deceptions -Testing Your Pills, Powders, and Tabs -Talking About Psychedelics Legality Review -Schedule-I -Legal Grey Areas -Legal Experiences -Legal Psychedelic Plants -Quasi-Legal Psychedelics -Quasi-Illegal Psychedelics -Illegal Experiences -Decriminalization Traditional vs Clinical Paths -Polarities -Best of Both Sincerity Leads to Safety -Thrill-seeking and Escapism -Make it Sacred -The Mystical Experience -The reality of uncertainty -The more you put in, the more you get out

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