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Next Ceremony on Monday, May 15th 10am-2pm
Creators Space
Seating limited to 12

Private Treatments Also Available
Ceremony Registration

Total contribution is sliding-scale $120-$180, which includes a deposit of $60 to hold your spot (refundable up to 2 weeks before the ceremony).


The remaining full contribution due in cash at the time of arrival.

*Fill out this form and send your $60 deposit to Venmo @openmindgunlock OR Paypal.*

(And be sure to send back the completed Health Questionnaire sent to your email after registration.)


​Kambo is a traditional frog medicine. The effects should not be underestimated, this practice has the ability to induce a deep cleanse and purge. Because of this, it is commonly used in preparation for entheogens like ayahuasca.

This group will be limited to 12 for each scheduled ceremony. Participants will gather in circle, get to know each other, enjoy traditional icaros songs, sound healing, sage, and receive Kambo one at a time with personal attention from the facilitators. There will also be Hapé and Sananga offered.

No harm or trauma is done to the frogs when collecting their secretion, which is achieved with ethical harvesting. 5% percent of proceeds go to the Matse Tribe of Brazil for the preservation of their land.

IMPORTANT, please read through this contraindications list, we are not responsible for the safety of those that don’t meet these requirements.

Safety Information:

-Stephen will be screening each participant with a thorough medical questionnaire. The dose of this sacrament will be determined based on these factors. Not being transparent about this could result in great discomfort or worse. Kambo is strong, do not underestimate it.

-No previous experience is needed but a respect for the medicine is necessary.

-The "points" are dots of superficial burns in the skin that will leave a faint scar, many people appreciate them from a symbolic and cosmetic perspective. You can choose where you want them.

-A preparation meeting and preparation guide will be provided.

-Do not eat food or drink any water before the ceremony, detailed instructions will be provided.

-Sage and incense will be burned during the ceremony, let us know if you if have sensitivities.

-Please be respectful to the group, if you have cold symptoms wait to attend the next one. Masks and vax cards will not be not required.
(Further information will be provided to ticket holders)


We hold this ceremony in the beautiful Creators Space at 218 7th St E, St. Paul, MN. It's a well-ventilated room that normally holds 40 (Further info will be given to ticket-holders).


Fill out the registration form above and send in the deposit!


Email with ticketing or general questions. Email Stephen at with questions pertaining to the Kambo.

Get your tickets at least 24 hours before the start time to complete the intake process, but it is ideal to have a 1-2 weeks to prepare.

About the Facilitators:

Stephen Goterch has been a proud member of the I.A.K.P, International Association of Kambo Practitioners since 2017. This was an intensive course in Washington State, he had the great pleasure to train under Karen Uma Darke, the worlds most renowned Kambo practitioner. Stephen has facilitated hundreds of ceremonies over the last 7 years.

Please review the official code of ethics all I.A.K.P practitioners abide by:

Stephen is 15 years into his journey practicing with a variety of plant medicines. It began with his life hitting a wall, physical and mental health deteriorated from chronic stress and a medley of negative coping mechanisms. As soon as he found himself in the rainforests of Peru and Machu Picchu, his life found a new path. Additionally, sound meditation, holistic health/wellness, herbalism, and EMT/firefighting are all apart of Stephen’s education and experience. Read more information about his history, training, and methods at

​Christopher Gunlock, M.H.S.

Chris works full time as a psychedelic integration specialist, educator and community organizer. His platform, offers psychedelic preparation and integration services from a spiritually-guided harm reduction perspective. He's been studying psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and ketamine for 15 years. More recently, he served for 2 years as Executive Director at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota, as public representative, lead event organizer, media director, and operations manager. He also helped  lead the Global Psychedelic Society Group during that time. He has a Masters in Health Sciences for Integrative Medicine from The George Washington University School of Medicine and a B.S. in Mathematics at the Maharishi International University where he trained in Vedic philosophy and Transcendental Meditation. He's completed 1 year of training and volunteering for the Fireside Psychedelic Peer-Support Line. He is currently operations manager at the art and healers collective, Creators Space.

Photos, videos, memes, and blogs:

Alex Freese was born with an innate desire to help and a gift for healing. As a child he dreamed of being a superhero; using his powers to make the world a better place. Still determined to help as an adult, Alex brought his constructive compassion to multiple career paths– including as a firefighter and EMT, Kinesiologist and physical trainer– learning and growing from every step along the way. After many years of service and countless hours studying holistic healing arts, Alex now uses his gifts and authentic passion to transform and improve the lives of others.  Building community in the Twin Cities Alex leads multiple group events spanning guided mediation, sound healing, movement-ecstatic dance and authentic relating.


He discovered the power of plant medicine amidst personal challenge after over a decade of working as a first responder, physical trauma and a PTSD diagnoses. The medicine guiding him to sit with different circles in a variety of traditions and practices.  Leading him to become a volunteer at Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth, a leading spiritual learning and healing center focused on providing community with service, education, spiritual fellowship, healing practices, guidance, and ayahuasca ceremonies.

Alex’s practice is currently based in Minneapolis, where he also lives with his wife and daughters. to learn more, upcoming group sessions and to book 1 on 1.

Creators Space in The Sanctuary

(The Earth Room and The Ether Lounge)

About the location:

Creators Space is 34,000 sqft of creative potential, offering the public a spacious dining and lounge are next to the Creators Cup Coffee House. For members of Creators Space, there's more than 8 studios for a wide variety of functions. There's a fully functional ceramics studio with 2 kilns and many throwing wheels. There's a large painting studio, photo studio, performance venue and several meeting rooms for events.

When attending as a participant in Open Mind Integration's events, please be respectful not to wander around the member's-only areas unaccompanied (everywhere except the coffee shop and dining area). Ask the coffee shop or main desk for help finding your event or look for signs.

The Process:

Each Kambo session you receive builds stronger and more effective from the previous treatment. Kambo works in incremental layers, removing energetic and biological toxins in stages.

After setting up your nest and getting comfortable, small burns the size of an eraser head will be applied to the skin so that the top layer of skin can be removed. This is where the frog secretion will be applied so that it can rapidly enter the bloodstream. These are your "points." This is only slightly painful and brief. The wound will scab over within a day and will leave only a slight discoloration on the skin for a few months after.

For the first phase, we start with a test a single test point to observe any insights about any potential problems or sensitivities that can be easily reversed given the small amount of Kambo applied. We observe how the body reacts in regards to your breathe rate, anxiety, skin reactions, and other sensitivities. Soon after the client feels comfortable with no adverse reactions, we begin to apply the remainder of the secretion to the other points.

The initial effects come on with in one minute of application, as Kambo crosses the blood brain barrier. Patients usually feels the heart beat faster and louder while the body begins to strongly circulate blood flow. Kambo is knows as a Heart Cleanser, strengthening the heart muscle with strong vasodilation to the body. A client then may have minor sweating and flushing as the secretion begins to work within the body.

The second phase of kambo is when the blood pressure begins to drop, while the body is removing toxins into the bile tract. The patient normally will feel nausea and have the early stages of the purge arising. Puffyness in the face and neck often occurs here, but is not a health risk and is normal.


As a practitioner, we then begin to assist with helping the client purge, which is the release of accumulated toxins stored in the bile. The purge is looked at as a sacred release, removing energetic blockages and toxins. The participant also may need to use the toilet, as the body is cleansing itself and releasing toxins through the intestines.

The third phase of Kambo is the rest and recovery. After the sacred purging, the body will begin to regulate with new and improved vitality and circulation. Shortly after the treatment, the client will feel refreshed and rejuvenated going about their daily tasks with a new and improved energy.


Further Kambo information can be found here as well:


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