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Working With Plant Medicines

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This event is hosted by the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. on Wednesday Feb. 1st 5:30pm-7pm.
All Welcome, Donation-Based


With deep respect to the ancient lineages and cultures these medicines have been safe-guarded in, you are invited to join a discussion about plant medicine work. The panelists are all currently working under the philosophy that plant medicines play a key role in our health, and it’s important to build communities to engage with them in a safe way. They will share detailed perspectives on plant medicine churches/retreats, medical safety, integration practices, spiritual growth, guiding ceremony and healing with plant medicines. They each bring their own skillset and background to shed light on the possibilities for responsible practice in our community.


***You can also catch Stephen, Christopher and Alex in an upcoming 2/6 Kambo medicine ceremony here at the LHSC, which is a powerful Amazonian frog medicine that offers deep cleansing and release. Stephen is IAKP-certified and trained. The medicines are ethically harvested and sourced.


Disclaimer: This event is not for the purpose of seeking underground services or controlled substances. It is for educational purposes only. 

Panel Bios:

Stephen Goterch has facilitated hundreds of treatments over 15 years and was trained by the Sacred Valley Tribe, Shipibo ayahuasca traditions, Apache peyote shamans, Bwiti iboga practitioners, and various entheogen retreat centers with a variety of plant medicines. He has extensive experience serving medicines here in the states, thus, he offers a deeply integrated fusion of these ancient disciplines with the needs of our modern society.

His personal medicine journey began with his life hitting a wall , physical and mental health deteriorated from chronic stress and a medley of negative coping mechanisms. As soon as he found himself in the rainforests of Peru and Machu Picchu in 2007, his life found a new path continually working with these traditions. Additionally, sound meditation, holistic health/wellness, herbalism, and EMT/firefighting are all apart of Stephen’s education and experience.


Christopher Gunlock specializes in preparing people who are using entheogenic/psychedelic medicines with journey planning, sitter matching, risk assessment, and post-integration. He has 5 years experience working in the psychedelic community as a spokesperson, educator, event organizer and coach, where he learned from many colleagues in medicine, shamanism, psychotherapy, and research. He’s also been a part of Fireside Psychedelic Peer Support training where he did 1 year of volunteer trip sitting. His 18 years of psychedelic integration with a wide range of psychedelics has spurred a commitment to build a healthy lifestyle around them.


Alex Freese was born with an innate desire to help and a gift for healing. As a child he dreamed of being a superhero; using his powers to make the world a better place. Still determined to help as an adult, Alex brought his constructive compassion to multiple career paths– including as a firefighter and EMT, Kinesiologist and physical trainer– learning and growing from every step along the way. After many years of service and countless hours studying holistic healing arts, Alex now uses his gifts and authentic passion to transform and improve the lives of others.  Building community in the Twin Cities Alex leads multiple group events spanning guided mediation, sound healing, movement-ecstatic dance and authentic relating.


He discovered the power of plant medicine amidst personal challenge after over a decade of working as a first responder, physical trauma and a PTSD diagnoses. The medicine guiding him to sit with different circles in a variety of traditions and practices.  Leading him to become a volunteer at Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth, a leading spiritual learning and healing center focused on providing community with service, education, spiritual fellowship, healing practices, guidance, and ayahuasca ceremonies.


Alex’s practice is currently based in Minneapolis, where he also lives with his wife and daughters. to learn more, upcoming group sessions and to book 1 on 1.


For more events like this, visit the LHSC Meetup


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2/6 Kambo Ceremony with Stephen, Christopher and Alex at the LHSC!
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