What Are Tokens??

With only an email address you can be an Open Mind Health Club Member and start using Tokens.

Members can then purchase tokens and token bundles, redeemable for all services.

1      =

Club Token Graphic 1x nobckg1thumb.png
1 Health Check
3 Meal Analyses
15 min of Consulting Calls

There are two types of Tokens sold in bundles of 1, 2, 5, and 10, from $20 - $30 per Token.

Gold Token 1x.jpg
Gold Token 2x.jpg
Gold Token 6x.jpg
Gold Token 10x.jpg

All members start with Tokens, but once you buy at least 10, you enjoy discounted Gold Tokens!

Club Token Graphic 10x nobckgsil sm.png
Club Token Graphic 10x nobckg sm.png

As a Gold Member, you have access to the lowest priced tokens.

Tokens allow me to use one pay-structure for all of my services. It also allows me to expand my services without creating new pay plans.

I've created Gold Member Tokens that are priced at one low rate to incentivize me not to keep clients dependent on my services, rather, teach them how to create a sustainably healthy lifestyle and Open Mind. It also drives me to reach out to as many new clients as possible, helping the greatest number of people I can.

$20 per token, every time