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Part 8: Psychedelic Resistance

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  • The Study at Creators Space

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Apart from all the external factors, your internal resistance to the effects of psychedelics are the #1 cause of harm and most common block of holistic integration. It's a simple concept, but will take you all the way down the rabbit hole. Tread carefully, this is where the darkest parts of your mind guard the most vulnerable parts... but it is also your liberation waiting for you there. -Part 8: Psychedelic Resistance- Psychedelics vs Your Ego (Internal) -Unconscious and Conscious Bias -Defense Mechanisms -Egoic-Bypassing -Narcissism and Empathy Spectrum -Selective Integration -Existentialism and Nihilism Roots of Resistance -Early-Life Coping Mechanisms -Trapped or Forcefully Imposed Circumstances -Ego-Challenging Experiences -Psychiatric Medication -Novel Disruption of Basic Cognitive Functions Psychedelics vs the World (External) -Legality -Social Stigma -Common Mis/Disinformation -Psychedelics vs Religion -Lack of Sacred Settings and Infra-structure -Spousal or Familial Conflicts Psychedelics as an Identity -Messiah Complex -Self-Isolation and Escapism -Self-Validation -Expectation Punishment -DMT Existentialism, Exaltation, Self-Importance -Over-Reliance on the Medicine What To Do About It? -Ego-Rhythm -Cognitive Flexibility -Systems of Development -Integrating All Parts

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