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Part 6: Sitters, Guides, & Facilitators

Sliding-Scale $30-$15 - Coupon Codes on checkout - OMI

  • 30 US dollars
  • The Study at Creators Space

Service Description

Of all the things in the room during a psychedelic experience, another human being is likely to have the greatest affect on you while in such a vulnerable state. Choosing carefully who these people are is one of the single most important decisions you will make. Even if you aren't looking at them or speaking to them, how much would their mere presence alter the course of your expanded thoughts? This class is designed to help you make that decision in a safe way and it might even inspire you to try being that person for someone else. -Part 6: Sitters, Guides, & Facilitators- Ethical Agreements -Confidentiality + Integrity -Sanctity of Roles -Sitting vs Guiding -Sitter sobriety -Emergencies -Boundaries and consent -Sexual advances Ready to Trip Sit? -Similarly, “Am I ready to trip?” -Stability and Grounding -Technical Knowledge and Skill Sets -Time/Energy Availability -Journeyer Trust and Rapport -Alignment of Intentions -Trust Your Gut When it Gets Rough -Talk Through, Not Down -Difficult is Not Bad -Prevention is Key -Extra/On-Call Support

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Cancellations less than 24 hrs in advance will not be refunded.

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