The Role of Psychedelics in Mental Health Panel

This event is hosted by Well Connected Twin Cities In-Person at Creators Space
Enjoy the full event FREE or catch my panel at 3:20pm

April 30th 1-4pm

Reimagine mental health 2 pane.jpg
Reimagine mental health 2 pane 2.jpg


What does it feel like to take a proactive approach to your mental health? In this interactive and collaborative event, you'll hear from experts across a variety of holistic modalities about simple choices and practices you can do to support your mental health.


Hear panel discussions, participate in short group experiences, and explore the marketplace of vendors at your own pace. This is a free event, and some of the experience leaders will have a suggested donation you can contribute to compensate them for their time and energy.


*Enter through Creators Cup cafe or through the members entrance where we'll have a volunteer at the door directing you to the event spaces within Creators Space.


12:30pm - doors open, explore the space

1:00pm - first sessions start (choose between topic talks and group experiences, details below)

TOPIC TALKS (in the Boiler Room):

1:00pm - Food + Mood: exploring the relationship between what we eat and how we feel - Jesse Haas, Anna Klimmek, and Nellie Brau

1:45pm - Your Care Circle: supportive practices for mental health - Desiree Ruvalcaba, Mallery Hammers, Chrstina Gregory, Anusha Ramaswami

2:30pm - Your Care Circle: supportive practices for mental health - Dr. Brenna Erickson, Dr. Asavari Manvikar, Rachel Kristyniak, Mary Langfield

3:20pm - Exploring the role of Psychedelics in Mental Health - Christopher Gunlock, Christine Lord, Bob Fisk, Peng Roden Her, Kim Lovejoy

EXPERIENCES (in the Earth Room):

1:00pm - Kundalini Yoga meditation for mental health - Ali Fitzpatrick

1:45pm - Decolonizing mental health: a somatic approach back to humanity and wholeness - Christine Lord and Kim Lovejoy

2:30pm - Breathwork + Sound Healing - Caty Brown and Kim Lovejoy

3:20pm - Somatic Skills for Stress Management - Anna Meyer

MARKETPLACE (in The Lab room):

12:30-4pm - Browse self care items from local vendors, enjoy samples of herbal elixirs, experience 1-on-1 energy healing mini-session