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OMI Psychedelic Preparation Course

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What: Join me for live 90-minute classes (pick the ones you want) consisting of a comprehensive and nuanced psychedelic preparation curriculum. It's an interactive, meme-fueled, info-graphic presentation with highly detailed commentary from a deep background in psychedelics such as LSD, DMT, 5MeODMT, and Psilocybin. It's designed for those curious about psychedelics or those taking psychedelics on their own to make it less harmful and more beneficial (I don't facilitate illegal activity and I don't treat or diagnose disease).

*You can choose to take all or just some of them, the order is not as important as you getting the content you need.*

This course is the result of my 18 years using psychedelics, 12 years teaching experience, and 4 years of integration coaching and building community around psychedelics with my colleagues in traditional medicine, science, drug policy, and psychology.. See more about me here.

Why: This class is for you if you like to hear about psychedelics from someone unfiltered and uncensored. I take psychedelics very seriously and I don't limit what I say based on conventional systems and bureaucracy. In that spirit, I'll speak on the dark sides, light sides, spiritual sides, clinical sides, recreational sides and everything in between.


Also, I take psychedelics. Regardless of how much research I've done and how often I talk about psychedelics, I still learn more from taking them. In other words, taking the medicine seriously means taking the medicine and you can ask me anytime about my experiences.


Lastly, integrating into community has been at the forefront of my life for the past 4 years. I've hosted hundreds of hours of integration groups and educational events while managing a local psychedelic society non-profit. That time has been sacred to my learning and growing as a person. Psychedelics in isolation can be very limiting and misleading. My hope is to share some of the gifts my community has shared with me and utilize the network of practitioners and peers I regularly work with.

When: Weekly alternating on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:45pm (building doors are locked, so please arrive on time to be let in).

Where: In The Study at Creators Space in St. Paul, MN and this hybrid class will be streamed on Zoom. All attendees can access the recording for 2 weeks after the class.

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Price: You can either buy as you go on a sliding-scale $15-$30 each, OR use class credits included in the Preparation Pack, Integration Pack, or Before & After Pack.


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Current Class Schedule:


6/16/22 Part 1 - The Essentials

6/20/22 Part 2 - Pharmacology of Psychedelics

6/30/22 Part 3 – The Effects of Psychedelics

7/3/22 Part 4 - Rhythms of Integration

7/14/22 Part 5 - Setting

7/18/22 Part 6 - Sitters, Guides, and Facilitators

7/28/22 Part 7 - Mind-Set, Body-Set, Spirit-Set

8/1/22 Part 8 - Psychedelic Resistance

8/11/22 Part 9 - When Psychedelics Do Harm

​Once finished, the course will restart and all 9 classes will be available to take again starting in August. If you purchased a pack, keep track of how many class credits you have left in the Member Account Menu.


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