Psychedelic Health Class

Just Begin - Psychedelic Health Class sq
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Chronic illnesses are on the rise in our society because we have neglected a crucial mind-body connection. Psychedelic Health Class is about building bridges between your physiological health and psycho-spiritual-emotional health. The two are intimately linked and will create a powerful synergy for healing those chronic issues. Whether you are using psychedelic substances or expanding your awareness with meditation, yoga, breathwork, trance, dance, art, music, etc... integrating those ego-dissolved states of consciousness into your practical, material world is vital.

Come to this class expecting to be provided educational material and discussions on topics like the one's below. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own questions and topics about chronic health issues, but Christopher has lots of prepared content to share. 

Some common topics in Psychedelic Health Class:

-Food as Medicine

Every meal is an opportunity for not just nourishment, but also healing. Here you will learn a few basic principles such as food sourcing, superfoods, nutrient ratios, and herbs as food.

-Psychedelic Science and Spirituality

Here you will learn how scientists have used psychedelics to understand what is happening when the ego is not in charge and why psychedelics are just one way of achieving these important states of consciousness.

-Hormones and Habits 

Hormones are the chemical signals that govern every biological process in your body. The key to balancing these signals is adjusting your cyclical habits according to the natural rhythms that are ideal for optimal functioning.

-Psychedelic Integration and Healing

The path of psychedelic healing involves the intentional integration of what happens during the experience. This presentation is about the 3 pillars of integration before and after your psychedelic experiences. Making it meaningful, setting actionable goals for sustainable change, and psychedelic safety

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