Psychedelic Society
Monthly Check-In

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This event is hosted by the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota

All are welcome to this free monthly Psychedelic Society meeting. This is meant to be an opportunity for the community to casually connect with each other as well as with Psychedelic Society organizers. It's especially great if you are new to this group and just want to say hi or get info.


Meetings will generally include casual introductions, organization announcements, feedback and networking (self-promoting a business is fine as long as it is brief).


Expect topics such as these to come up in these meetings:

-Event Organizing

-Codes of Conduct

-Community Growth

-Psychedelic-Related News

-Drug Policy

-Suggestions for topics are very welcome!

***Please note this is not meant to be a space for integration of sensitive or very personal issues. It will be a lightly facilitated, open discussion focused on introducing each other and building/maintaining the organization. Please refer to our other event offerings that are designed to be supportive of other needs.

DISCLAIMER - This event is not a place to bring, buy, sell, trade, or arrive on any illegal substances. This group is designed as a sober space to reduce harm/maximize benefits of those using psychedelics on their own accord. All attendees are expected to conduct themselves with sincerity, openness, and respect for all those in the community. Violations of these rules can result in being banned from events.

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