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Chris and Tammi team up again for a synnergistic combination of guided movement and deep meditation. It will begin with 30 minutes of yoga-style movement designed to prepare your body to let go of its earthly attachments. Immediately following, Chris will guide the viewers through a musical journey to transcendent layers of our consciousness. Tailored music playlists will be provided and carefully mixed with gentle words so you can hear everything clearly through your Zoom platform. Using this and a soothing visual presentation, viewers can be transported along with Chris and Tammi to a place where magic is more real and our souls can open up to thrive!


About the Hosts:

With his background in education, meditation and integrative medicine, Christopher Gunlock M.H.S. works with people through that are using altered states of consciousness to expand their spiritual awareness and heal chronic health conditions. He was trained in Transcendental Meditation and advanced technqiues at the Maharishi International University during his undergraduate studies. For over 2 years he has been offering a variety of educational and supportive live events on the subject of altered states of consciousness.


Tammi Luecke passionately teaches yoga when she’s not tending to her many responsibilities at Creators Space. She also helps facilitate healing circles alongside the other talented healers there for those seeking to tap into the innate wisdom of their higher selves. Tammi’s devotion to transformational change is demonstrated in the heart-opening spaces she creates at events like these. Creative expression is Tammi’s other devotional practice. Her painting and movement expression is a critical component of her daily process. Psychedelics have also touched Tammi’s life and integrating those experiences in a tangible way has become a loving pursuit.


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Soul Magic: Movement and Meditation $10

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