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Integration Space is a chance to not just talk about your psychedelic experiences, but to settle into a space where your mind can more easily revisit those special moments. By bringing up your memory of the experience in an Open Mind environment with other like-minded people, more thorough integration can be accomplished.


At Integration Space, you will experience a combination of Tammi’s gentle guidance of movement and meditation followed by Christopher’s facilitation of discussion around psychedelic experiences. There will also be time and space for folks to express themselves with journaling or art throughout.


​The group will be limited to 11 attendees. Ticket purchases can go toward future events if one fills up.


Please be mindful if you have covid symptoms to come to a future event instead.

About the Hosts:
With his background in education, meditation and integrative medicine, Christopher Gunlock M.H.S. works as a psychedelic integration coach through to help people that are using altered states of consciousness to expand their spiritual awareness and heal chronic health conditions. Christopher also serves as the executive director for the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota where he regularly offers events on psychedelic science, holistic health and psychedelic integration. Christopher has hundreds of psychedelic experiences over the past 15 years that are always open for discussion. More importantly, he wants to hear all about yours!


Tammi Luecke passionately teaches yoga when she’s not tending to her many responsibilities at Creators Space. She also helps facilitate healing circles alongside the other talented healers there for those seeking to tap into the innate wisdom of their higher selves. Tammi’s devotion to transformational change is demonstrated in the heart-opening spaces she creates at events like these. Creative expression is Tammi’s other devotional practice. Her painting, drawing and movement expression is a critical component of her daily process. Psychedelics have also touched Tammi’s life and integrating those experiences in a tangible way has become a loving pursuit.


Below you will find a guide to making Integration Space a safe and beneficial experience for everyone:

1. Purpose of Integration

a. To make psychedelic experiences meaningful by telling the stories and reflecting on their content
b. To set actionable goals around larger insights from experiences and address possible obstacles along the way
c. To reduce harm done by psychedelics by providing information and tools for best practices


2. Rules

a. Practice active listening rather than directive conversation (letting the participant find their own path toward meaning)

b. Ask for consent when providing feedback

c. This is not a place to arrive on, acquire, or offer controlled-substances

d. Respect the privacy of personal details shared by all during this event


​Refunds are available if space fills up for the day you want to attend and you can't schedule a future one.

Integration Space $20

Excluding Sales Tax
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