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Why Don't Scientists Like Taking Psychedelics?

😋 It's hard to put into words what psychedelics are and what they mean. Props to those that are researching and learning about psychedelics, I just think there is a difference between that and experiencing them. I don't mean to throw shade or peer pressure. It only matters to me that people get the full story and from my experience, I've learned more about psychedelics from taking them than I have from reading about them.

I do respect scientists, doctors, and psychiatrists, but the psychedelic renaissance is exposing a gaping hole in our science and medicine institutions: the subjective experience. Westerners insist on separating the experiment from the experimenter, but its customary for shamans to take their own medicines in entheogen-friendly traditions. Whereas when a biomedical doc gets in an altered state it's considered intoxication.

I totally get the resistance tho, it's quite warranted. If integrated, psychedelics change you and the changes can be quite fundamental, leaving you different... And of course, for better or worse.

But maybe change is good 🐒


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