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Why Do I Fall Asleep When I Meditate?

Because you’re tired!

End of blog. Lol

Seriously, though, the meditation knows when you haven’t been getting enough sleep. A sufficient sleep habit is actually a prerequisite to all the fancy meditation stuff the gurus on pillows talk about, and the average modern city-dweller commonly sacrifices a full night’s rest. Therefore, it is no wonder ways of the guru have been underground for so long.

But maybe it’s ok to not do all the fancy meditation stuff the pillow dudes talk about. Assuming you aren’t prone to regular 10-day silent meditation retreats every season, playing video games and drinking with your friends is probably enough fun for now. The alternative is to force the modern human to meditate, but that totally defeats the purpose and even makes it harder to achieve.

I still think everyone should meditate, though, even if you are just falling asleep in your meditation chair every time. I bet you feel a lot better after your mini meditation-nap too! So keep doing it! In case you aren’t aware, every time you get one of those lil meditation-naps, you are chipping away at your sleep debt. Think of it like paying off a loan you take out every time you go to bed late or wake up in the middle of the night. You borrow a little more each sleepless night and if you never pay any of it back the debt collectors come. By debt collectors, I mean adrenal suppression, hypothyroid, depression, etc... Your doctor may have no idea it’s just because you had too much sleep debt, or maybe they would just prefer to treat your symptoms anyway (not a solution).

Anyway, my point is: Even if all you get out of meditation is a little less sleep debt, avoiding serious hormonal imbalance is well worth the 20 minutes of your day. That way, you can get back out there in the hustle and grind to do what you do best. Therefore, you don’t have to be a nutty new-age person to meditate, you can stay modern and still make the world a better place.


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