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When a Trip Sitter Isn't Ready to Trip Sit

A funny thing happened over the last few years. My coaching clients went from asking, "where do I find some psychedelics?" to "where do I find a trip sitter?" It seems the demand has shifted... which makes a lot of sense when you discover psychedelics are EVERYWHERE!!! Mushrooms in your backyard, mescaline at the cactus shop, and DMT all over the dang place! But unfortunately, trip sitters don't grow on trees 😟. A good sitter can support a journeyer without letting their own beliefs, biases, and projections alter the trajectory of the journey. A good sitter has the utmost respect and reverence for these sacred substances. A good sitter is prepared to hold space for the surfacing of repressed emotions without fear. A good sitter establishes clear boundaries with the journeyer before the journey. One dark side to this is when a trip sitter has a bad relationship with their own shadows and gets triggered from the journeyers shadows surfacing. It isn't fair to the journeyer to then have to process more than just their own traumas. And then it may not be clear who the sitter is! It's a simple method, but takes integrity of mind, body, and spirit. If this sounds rewarding to you, please check out @zendoproject and download their training manual. Also stay tuned to @psychedelic_societymn for trip sitter training coming soon! We need you!! #psychedelicmemes#psychedelicintegration#psychedelicmeme#spiritualmemes#psychedelics#spiritualawakening#spiritualjourney#magicmushrooms#psilocybinmushrooms


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