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What I Think About LSD

[I don't sell or give any scheduled substances, and I don't encourage you to take them. I encourage harm reduction and maximization of benefit]. LSD, to me, is 10-12 hours of accelerated growth. More than any other psychotropic I've ever done, LSD uniformly amplifies life. Every where you point your attention gets hyper-aware (dose-dependent). However, it seems that non-attention can also be amplified. After a certain dose, I imagine its difficult for anyone to maintain willful focus on this stuff. What's controlling the experience at that point may be more a matter of your set+setting than what you actively desire. I find this leads to seeing an exaggeration of your circumstances, dissolving into your environment, which may or may not be helpful. Either way, LSD shows me more of what I'm already experiencing, for better or worse. When I volunteered for the Fireside Project, one of the most common calls was, "I took some acid with a friend last wk/m/yr, and I haven't been the same ever since." It was usually for the worse. I think the reason I see this more often with LSD than other psychedelics is because of how easy it is to take and how often it's underestimated. It's got as many side-effects as aspirin, it's insanely potent, water-soluble, doesn't taste bad, and doesn't force you to deal with your deepest, darkest secrets. There's a reason god didn't make this grow on trees. And the dark side of convenience is misuse/abuse and ultimately self-destruction. I have used LSD many times and probably will many more. I think of it as a sharp blade, really useful when used right, but also it can cut your damn finger off. **Please respect psychedelics, your level of care will be reflected in the outcome of the experience, ESPECIALLY with LSD. Psychedelic Integration coaching services on my website, thank you for reading. #psychedelicmedicine#psychedelicart#bicycleday


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