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The Truth About Conflict

Allotta angry otters out there these days 😔🦦. Conflict is necessary, but so is resolution. If you find yourself in a perpetual state of conflict, this may be why. What worries me even more than perpetual conflict is when resolution is achieved through destroying your opposition. This also destroys the truth and leads to a history written by the victors, which is never the actual truth.

Defragmenting and bridge-building can help lead to both conflict resolution and preservation of the truth.

And I empathize, integrity is really challenging when you're super pissed at someone or hurt by something they did. I know what it's like to bend the truth and hide your dark side to appear favorable. The desire to win and conquer is potent, but preserving the truth is more satisfying in the long run.

All my greatest enemies have taught me valuable lessons. I may not have realized it during the conflict, but I definitely saw their truth at some point, sometimes regretting the bridges I burned because of it.

So this is my way of being mindful of this crux and putting a call out to all those in conflict now (lord knows there's a ton of that these days).

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