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The DMT Family

This graphic is meant to illustrate the close relationships between some very "normal" things like L-Tryptophan, a common supplement and endogenous chemical, and some very fungal things like psilocybin!

Our body can also synthesize DMT, but notice how similar DMT is to Psilocin, the psychedelic responsible for most of #magicmushrooms effects. Psilocybin isn't normally made from psilocin as this graphic shows, but it can be done. Normally, psilocybin is being dephosphorylated into psilocin in your body, which then makes you trip.

Regardless, look at how the simplest molecule, DMT, is at the center of this. It really is special and I like to celebrate it as often as I can.

The Earth is linked together by DMT, it's in the plants, the animals, and our own brains, not to mention how easy it is to turn it into a potent drug.

Despite my undying respect for the molecule, I dont actually use DMT as a drug much at all. I would like to explore it more, but every time I smoke it, I get the feeling like I haven't integrated enough to be there. To each their own!


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