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The Big DMT Ego

Coming from a guy who's only distinguishing characteristic is making cute animal memes about psychedelics. . . We can't all be Terence. 💛🏵

I think a lot of us that have been into psychedelics long before billionaires and scientists made it cool have maybe made doing psychedelics too much about boosting our ego. Yes, it's ironic, but it happens A LOT.

Maybe I'm making too big a deal about this, but I do think it does harm and needs to be talked about.

I was this orangutan for a chunk of my life before I started being more serious about integration and accountability. . . OK, I still do this from time to time 🥲, but I'm getting a lot better. It required me to rely on something other than drugs to achieve wisdom and knowledge. Without that my growth was actually stunted by psychedelics.

So if you have a friend this reminds you of, tell them to call 1800GUNLOCK and I'll be happy to gently guide them down from this high horse.


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