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"Psychedelic Societies: Education, Community and Healing Beyond Medicalization"

This discussion is really important to me because there's a ton of money being thrown around the psychedelic renaissance, but the vast majority is being donated to scientific research. While that is a critical step in the path toward legalization, the medical model does not represent a holistic model of healing. Psychedelic societies are not-for-profit, community-based support networks. They don't cost a lot of money to run and they help people build the kind of relationships and culture that are necessary for sustainable healing.

The medical model is very costly and has some gaping holes in its methods: It treats individuals in isolation, when the causes of trauma and sickness are systemic. It is far less capable of addressing restorative and transformational justice due to the deeply embedded systems of hierarchy that perpetuate inequality and segregation.

I've learned a great deal about healing since joining the @psychedelic_societymn community and now see that forming healthy relationships with local networks can be more powerful than anything a doctor could do for me. Psychedelic Societies will play a critical role in the future of psychedelic healing and deserve to be recognized as such.

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David Thompson
David Thompson
27 jun 2021

Hmmm. This gets me thinking. Communities like that might draw the ire of the profit making groups. I'm sure it's not a new thought, but maybe some sort of legal protections could be taken advantage of, similar to how certain churches/ faith communities have rights and immunities from prosecution at present.

Psychedelic societies might morph into protected healing communities.

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