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Peter Pan's Shadow-Work

This is the real reason Peter never grew up. Too much pixie dust, not enough personal accountability! 🤣😎

Seriously tho, this fairy tale has legit life lessons. I dont know how far the metaphors go, but chasing your mischievous shadow is something we should all be able to relate to.

👉Your shadow are the parts of your identity you are more likely to hide from the world. There lays all your shame, guilt, fear, and anything that conflicts with the nice, clean ego identity we have constructed.

🌗That conflict is natural, our front-facing identity needs to be a more digestible, relatable ambassador to our whole being. Without that we would all be shaking hands and yelling at each other the next minute. Too much dissociation between that and your shadow, though, and you will lose track of things.

YOUR SHADOW WILL CAUSE TROUBLE. Often without your knowing, it will perpetuate destructive cycles, manipulate, deceive, exploit, anything it needs to feel relevant. ESPECIALLY if you layer a bunch of escapist psychedelic experiences on top without facing it. Psychedelics WILL make this worse if done in this way.

What do we do then? Make friends with your shadow!!! Give it time to be heard, and even expressed. Maybe you have a close friend to confide in, maybe you write sad, dark music. Maybe your journal is full of sinful stories and confessions. Don't imprison it, because it will get out, always.


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