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How Trip Sitting and Mindfulness Overlap

Watch the video here:

One aspect of trip sitting I hope to convey better is the art of mindfulness. The awareness and application of how your thoughts affect the external and internal reality. Even from a reductionist viewpoint, it's undeniable that holding loving, compassionate thoughts in your mind makes people around you experience a similar effect. Maybe its the recognition of a genuine smile, or the unthreatening body language... but more likely the sum of many connections between a thought and a manifestation. And this does not end with trip sitting! How often do you notice other people responding to you more positively when you have positive thoughts? Its applicable everywhere. This isn't to say one should force positive thinking tho. Inauthentic positivity usually does not have a positive effect. This follows suit given that inauthenticity is driven by fear, deception, manipulation, greed, shame, etc... So, how do we cultivate thoughts out of love, compassion, joy, reason and acceptance? Join @mikemoetke and I Sun. Feb 27th for a free in-person+virtual informational presentation on trip sitting @creatorsspacemn Then on March 12th, apply these concepts in a real trip sitting experience where you pair up with someone doing holotropic breathwork to sit for them and then swap roles in our Trip Sitting Experiential Workshop! Tickets sliding scale $60-$120 and 2 full scholarships available. Click the link in my bio for full details and tickets #psychedelics#spiritualawakening#spiritualjourney#magicmushrooms#psilocybinmushrooms#psychedelic #psychedelicintegration#psychedelicevent


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