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How I Learned to Face the Hard Lessons on Mushrooms

A common theme I hear at Integration Circles with mushrooms and ayahuasca, in particular, is this phenomenon of the sacraments "punishing" the journeyer when they come back without integrating the lessons. A strong and stubborn mind can resist the naked truth to some extent, but eventually we are forced to see it when we join with the plant teachers. It can get so terrifying and traumatizing these folks sometimes refuse to return. Some psychedelics are easier to just have a fun time with. Generally the synthetics like LSD, MDMA, and ketamine fall into this category. There seems to be something about the intelligence that inhabits plant, fungi and froggy medicine that holds us accountable. I avoided some lessons for a long time myself, selectively integrating what felt comfortable. Eventually my trips got unpleasant so I cut down on my use. My shadows took over and I fell into a dark place. My relationships, my work, my home and my health deteriorated. Then I remembered how many times the mushrooms told me to open my heart and connect with a community. I thought about it and realized that my isolation was at the root of so many of my problems. It was pretty much change or die, so I took some initiative, found some like-minded folks and started building. I'm still on that path now and I'm sure I'll hit another wall eventually when I have a new lesson to integrate, but I am eternally grateful for making that choice. The mushrooms were not lying, they were the wiser. My life is fuller and more meaningful than ever. Hope this helps you on your integration journey. Life gets hard sometimes, but I have full faith that if we can put our trust in the ancient wisdoms of the Earth, these hard times will lead to a better version of ourselves. ❤🍄❤ #psychedelicintegration#psychedelicmeme#psychedelicmemes#spiritualmemes#psychedelics#spiritualawakening#spiritualjourney#magicmushrooms#psilocybinmushrooms#mushrooms #fantasticfungi#psychedelicsociety


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