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How Can You Not Have An Identity?

If psychedelics suppress the ego or even completely dissolve it with a high enough dose, then WHATS LEFT? WHO ARE YOU IF NOT YOUR EGO?

Weird thing about modernized culture is we don't have any socialably acceptable ways to break from the ego except for getting pissed drunk in front of your friends.... which... could be better 🥴.

I promise you this is what's missing tho. We all feel this impulse sometime. The urge to stop caring about your reputation, your self-esteem, your obligations, the games we play to fit in, our self-divised limitations all need to be put in the back seat from time to time.

It's tiring, we all feel it, but maybe we're ashamed, or scared, or doubtful, but we know we need it. Those rare moments we just don't care... it's pure bliss. It's catharsis, it's rejuvenation.

Maybe it's psychedelics, or maybe it's just a carefree frolick in the woods, maybe it's dancing naked in your room, maybe it's rough-housing with the kids... whatever gets your into a headspace that stops caring about maintaining a carefully crafted identity. Because the ego isn't all of you. It's just the part that other people see. Beneath that is a whole universe of memories, personality, opinion, magic....

Embrace your magic... 🦦🦸


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