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Financially Deincentivized

Honestly I don't know a way out of this until the whole system changes... So, in the mean time transparency, sliding-scales, and free group events will have to suffice (unless someone has a better idea).

I got fed up with the mainstream Healthcare system largely because of this (other systems as well). Integrity among Healthcare workers is certainly a thing, but its an uphill battle between your integrity and your paycheck. It guarantees that the most ruthless and deceptive make it to the top where they enjoy a guise of credibility and prestige.

So if you are fed up too, support local, small businesses and entrepreneurs. And when the big tech companies and drug companies blast you with expensive advertising, opt out in favor of authentic human connection.

I have no desire to make you dependent on me. It would make me happy to send you off into the world with some new skills and knowledge that empowers you to reclaim your sovereignty over your mind, body and spirit. YOU ARE THE HEALER.

Since I make more money the more unhealthy people are, it's my duty to at least look you in the eye, human to human, so that you can see what's really in my heart.

I'll be @creatorsspacemn if you want to chat.

Using art by @indigoruh


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