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A Hunter Biden Ego

Hunter must not have realized his laptop was a meme goldmine 🐒... or maybe he did and leaked it on purpose! 🤯. I'm just here to take down the war on drugs tho. Hunter's ego matters to me, but its not as important as telling the world that THE PRESIDENT'S SON BENEFITED FROM PSYCHEDELICS.

Clarification on one thing: There definitely are some egos out there that should stay away from psychedelics. It can make pre-existing personality disorders or PTSD much worse. Buuuuut, in a perfect world where psychedelics are well understood by society and medical professionals, I could imagine extremely elaborate psychedelic therapy clinics that could successfully break down even the most rigid minds and build them back up in a healthy way.

Until then, the old traditions do seem to work in a lot of cases. In Hunter's case, he found an Ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT clinic in Mexico. He reported in his memoir that it kept him sober for over a year. Not much in conventional medicine can accomplish that.

Anyway, feel free to repost, tell your friends and government officials. It's a sleezy meme, but for a good cause.


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