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These coaching and education services draw on first-hand experience with psychedelic substances, safety, cognitive flexibility, and habit resetting. These methods offer a path toward root-cause healing.

Set+setting, risks, methods, sitters, preparation



Christopher Gunlock, M.H.S.

15 years experience in LSD, Psilocybin,

and DMT integration culminating in active

leadership at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota


Studied under mentors and physicians 

Dr. Andrew Heyman, Dr. Pamela Smith,

Dr. Russell Jaffe, Dr. Mark Hyman,

Dr. James LaValle, Dr. David Perlmutter at

The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Extensive training and practice in

Transcendental Meditation from 

Maharishi International University

About Me

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my methods with

specific substances:


Discover the root causes of your chronic illnesses and learn how to start healing them.

Integrate the Open Mind into Lifestyle Medicine
Tools for Self-Reflection and Personalized Reports
Health Checks: My website offers a free self-reflective series of questionnaires (with the option of paid feedback from me). 
  • Connect your lifestyle patterns with your symptoms
  • Gain insights into the relevance of specific aspects of your life like sleep, digestion, toxins, stress, and meditation
  • Acquire free self-reflective tips on having a more harmonious lifestyle
  • Get personalized consulting reports based on your answers (paid for with tokens)
  • Start OPENING your MIND to what potential changes you can start making for a healthier life!
Psychedelic Preparation and Integration
Brain Storming on Paper
Psychedelics: the more you put in the more you get out
Preparation and Integration: I can sit down with you and help personalize the highly intentional process of going into a psychedelic experience for personal growth or healing. 
  • Desires, goals, expectations, fears, sensitivies... all aspects of your mind-set
  • When, where, how, and who with are critical to your setting
  • Dosage, substances, and methods of induction can radically change what happens
  • Self-care consulting for physical and mental readiness
  • Integration The real journey begins AFTER a psychedelic experience, so we will make sure you have the right support system when you come back.
Metabolic Training, Meditation Mechanics, Nutrional Adaptation
Ring of Light Bulbs
The Fundamentals of Open Mind Integration
Read more about how I was trained to consult on these pillars of Open Mind Integration:
  • Nutritional Adaptation is the reality of everyone's relationship to food. We may try someone else's diet advice from time to time, but in the long run, eating is a  relationship with your beliefs, knowledge, mental/emotional state, social circles, and environment. 
  • Metabolic Training is the connection between your biochemical processes and your habits. Learn more about one to improve the other. 
  • Meditation Mechanics explains the fundamental forces that guide your thoughts to deeper states. Learn these to improve any meditation technique you practice.