My Methods
Psychedelic Integration


  • Have you had a psychedelic drug experience that was very positive, but would like further benefit from it?

  • Are you thinking about having a psychedelic experience but would like more information before trying it?

  • Do you suffer from an illness that you believe psychedelics could help with?

  • Did you experience something you don't understand and would like to make it more meaningful?

  • Was there a frightening aspect of your experience you would like to make peace with?

  • Did you take psychedelics under poorly planned set and/or setting that resulted in a traumatic outcome?

Here is what you can expect from these services:

Preparation: I can sit down with you and help personalize the highly intentional process of a psychedelic experience for personal growth or healing. 
  • Risks, contraindications, preventative measures, and general safety
  • Desires, goals, expectations, fears, sensitivities... all aspects of your mind-set
  • When, where, how, and who with are critical to your setting
  • Dosage, substances, and methods of induction can radically change what happens
  • Self-care coaching for physical and mental readiness
Integration: The real journey begins AFTER a psychedelic experience, so we will make sure you have the right support system when you come back.
  • Integrating into conventional social life and modern culture
  • Maintaining new thought patterns, beliefs, and habits
  • Make your expanded awareness meaningful, rather than existential
  • Find communities and people that you can talk to
  • Enhance physical wellbeing with lifestyle nutrition, meditation mechanics, and metabolic training

Fill out the form HERE for a free consultation if this seems significant for you. From there, we can discuss if my integration services are a good fit.


I do these services in-person or video chat only due to the sensitive nature of the conversations and the need for confidentiality, but I do have other confidential online services you can find in the Token Store.

This service is offered on a sliding-scale.


There are legal experiences, but limited in their scope and location. Drug policy reform is of great concern for me, but it is a simple matter of survival to follow the law. Believe me, I understand the potential levity of access to psychedelic healing, but the fact is I can help the greatest number of people by following our flawed drug policy. Keep your head up, though! We are doing everything we can to make it better!

Nutritional Adaptation

This integration service acknowledges the difficulty in navigating our dangerous food supply and helps you find the incremental changes you can make while staying within your budget and cooking ability. The field of nutrition is extremely varied and conflicting in its conclusions because of the sheer number of variables involved. Not only is every person's physiology different, but your digestion changes on an hourly basis, your food supply changes, your cravings change, and the way your food is prepared changes. The position of Open Mind Integration is that digestion issues are primarily due to overly-processed ingredients and other human-made stresses that many of us just accept as normal. A person can rely on this single piece of advice and put it into practice to get an enormous amount of benefit.


The key here is an Open Mind, one has to realize that food and drug companies typically don't sell you food because it's good for you, rather, it's good for them. They simply meet the bare minimum safety requirements and then pack their food with as many preservatives and ultra-processed ingredients to ensure they get the most profit possible. Once you learn to recognize which food products are guilty of this, you can start adapting to this harsh reality.


For my clients looking for more advanced training, I also offer lessons in macro/micro-nutrient visual identification, stages of digestion, metabolic systems, hormonal relationships, bacterial/fungal overgrowth, and effects of food processing. We can talk about the physiological nuances if you like, but in the end I intend to deliver actionable and practical options to improve relationships to real food.

If it's not clear already, I don't "prescribe" meals and diets, everyone is inevitably going to eat what they want in the long-run. Eating is a relationship between your belly and the food, with your mouth somewhere in the middle. Therefore, instead of relying on predetermined meal plans, pick the kind of food you want, but make smarter decisions. This method actually simplifies the whole process of nutrition since you don't need to count calories, macros, micros or do any math!

When you know what your food is made of and where it came from it not only tells you if you should eat it, but it also develops integrity among your neighbors. The people involved with food production can decide whether to try and sell you responsible food or not. If you know how it was made/grown, they will be less likely to cut corners and add processing that hurts your belly. As more of us do this, the overall quality of the food industry will get better as well!

The wisdom of Nutrition Adaptation is in its sustainability and simplicity. The truth most nutritionists don't like to face is your food is always dependent on circumstances not always in your control, which is why adaptation is more ideal. We are after the truth about food and nothing else, which is important mainly because of how much it is hidden from us. The food supply in last 50 years has transformed enormously in a short time to something very incompatible with the human body. There is an obvious connection between this fact and the explosion of type-2 diabetes, obesity, mental illness, gastrointestinal dysfunction and the whole platter of chronic metabolic disease. If we actually look at what's on the nutrition labels and even what's not on the nutrition labels, we learn that these highly processed ingredients are incompatible and deleterious to our bodies.

Metabolic Training

This is where we start talking about your hormones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and how they can be controlled by lifestyle choices. It is your most common habits like sleeping, eating, moving/not moving, environmental exposures, social life, and altered states of consciousness that cause changes in things like hormones, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Major hormone systems commonly become damaged due to the evolutionary-fast changes in modern society. Complaints of digestive dysfunction, overactive immune systems, brain-related issues, weight-gain/weight loss, and energy loss are more common in the modern industrialized landscape. If we ask the right questions we can understand what aspects of your life have become harmful and find ways to adapt.

For example, a Metabolic Training discussion would be about how stress affects cortisol, how cortisol affects your symptoms, and how your unique lifestyle habits shape it all. These types of questions are meant to be explored in Health Checks.

Meditation Mechanics

Sit down with your eyes closed in a quiet room with no disturbances for at least 10 minutes. Let your thoughts come and go without any conscious intervention. When you catch yourself intervening, just remind yourself that you are meditating and you don't need to be concerned with anything right now. When you start wondering if you're doing it right, remember that's just another thing you don't need to be concerned with. The same goes for everything else you are thinking about, you don't need to care about any of it when you're meditating.

Do this until you get too frustrated or tired to continue and lay down for a few minutes or longer. Laying down is to both ease the transition back into outward living and give the body extra rest that it may desire after meditating. Doing this long enough and frequent enough will allow you to break through into a 4th state of consciousness.

This is technically all you need to get enormous benefits and blissful states of consciousness from meditation, but one can still add on any number of techniques on top of it to fit their taste and style. However, if you are new to meditation, it may be best to just start with this method. The complicated and varied methods of meditation can be explored once you are able to break through into the 4th state. ​

The reason this simple method works is because it takes advantage of the primary mechanics of thought while in meditation. Specifically, we are letting go of 2 primary brain functions during meditation: external attention and executive controlWhen you close your eyes and ignore the outside world, you disable major neuronal systems dedicated to external attention. This has an anti-correlated relationship with other systems, increasing your internal dialogue. When you stop being concerned about making decisions or exerting effort, you disable executive control systems in your brain, which also has an anti-correlated relationship with your internal dialogue, causing it to quiet down. This is why the beginning of meditation may be frustrating because your thoughts get louder when your external attention is disabled, but once you disable your executive control, then it gets quieter. Mastering these 2 meditation mechanics will allow one to access incredibly relaxing and blissful states of consciousness. 

There is the unfortunate reality that just because it is simple doesn't mean it's easy. Not being concerned with anything or exerting effort is very difficult in a world where forceful thoughts is what gets you everywhere and everything, but that may in fact be why we need to meditate so badly! The mind needs to bend both ways, otherwise it gets very sick. We start to lose energy, ability, and the common sense to perceive what's important.