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Meal Analysis

Meal Analysis

Welcome! Here is where you can submit a photo of your meal for a personalized analysis for food quality and metabolic significance. I will be commenting on:

  • The effects of food processing in your food

  • Key Micro Nutrients (Minerals, Vitamins) in your food

  • Key types of protein, carb and fat content in your food

  • Estimated sugar load of your food

  • Estimated negative impact on your bacterial microbiome

  • Recommended questions for the cook (if from a restaurant or otherwise)

  • Possibility of hidden processing and sweeteners

  • Any issues relating to your personal Health Profile

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Take your photos in the brightest light available so that it can be seen clearly. Show as much of your plate/bowl/cup as possible.

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And here is where you upload a photo of your meal!
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Open Mind Integration Meal Analyses do not serve as replacements for advice from dieticians, nutritionists, or medical doctors. I will not be prescribing diets, or nutrition plans. I will not be consulting people to alter their medications, take new medications, or otherwise go against their doctor's recommendations. I educate you in how lifestyle circumstances are connected to your symptoms so that you can make better informed and more sustainable decisions about your health.