Jiu-jitsu,  Psychedelics,  and Owning Your Innovative Edge w/Lisa Sherrill, MA

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Free Virtual Presentation
Aug. 26th 6:30pm CST

Welcome to this free virtual presentation with a friend of the greater psychedelic community, Lisa Sherrill. I met Lisa in the psychedelic society event circuits with notable figures such as Jane Latimer and really appreciated her novel contributions to the psychedelic integration space. I'm very excited to introduce you all to Lisa and the concept behind how impressively effective martial arts and the act of play is in our integration practice.

This will be the second event in this series, recordings will be available for both.


Event Details:


We are in an age of ever-expanding uncertainty and complexity. As such, we are being asked to foster our innate skills for deep attunement, agency and self-authorship. No longer can we soley rely on external resources for safety, security and well-being.


In this presentation, we will draw on the lens of brain science to understand how to use tools such as psychedelics, jiu-jitsu martial arts, along with relational and bodily awareness to build your generative skills. Know that the skills for evolving your life are innate to your biology. However these skills can often become thwarted and underdeveloped as a result of cultural influences and development trauma. Join us to learn more about the right recipe to unleash the vital skill of self-evolution, thereby embodying more agency and creative emergence within this opportunistic, complex world. Whether you have never done jiu-jitsu, intimidated by jiu-jitsu, or are a black-belt, this presentation will have something for you.


Speaker Bio:

Lisa Sherrill, a somatic psychology specialist, applies the lens of neurobiology to help us understand how to recover from trauma and embody change. Her doctoral research examined the conditions by which the property of creative, and ethical adaptation and transformation could be bolstered and modulated within the interaction between technology and people. Lisa's education also spans to include a Masters in Somatic Psychology, along with training in the Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) with Saj Razvi, Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) with Stan Tatkin, Instinctual Trauma Response Therapy (ITR) with Linda Gantt, and Tension, Trauma and Stress Releasing Exercises (TRE) with David Berceli. Alongside this, Lisa is trained in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), Somatic Experiencing (SE), PULSE Mediation, Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP), Strategic Business Management, Computer Science and more. Lisa offers therapeutic consulting, coaching and facilitation to individuals, couples and organizations on the tenets of neurobiology and its implications on trauma recovery and embodied change.

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Her Youtube channel and video, "Is Your Jiu-Jitsu More Important than Food? 😉"



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